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Supervised BSc thesis projects (completed)
- as first supervisor at the JBI (if not specified otherwise)
- year of completion and link to archive or pdf if available
- note: access to some theses may be restricted

Joseph Jones (2018)
Classification of Delirium Subtypes and Mortality Rates

Lars Holdijk (2018)
Time series classification using Hankel matrix based dissimilarity measures in Learning Vector Quantization

Elisa Oostwal (2018), BSc Physics and Computer Science, joint supervision with L.J.A. Koster
Efficiency of organic solar cells: Improving a model for the fill factor

Sofie Lovdal (2018), primary supervision: N. Strisciuglio
Efficient implementation of the COSFIRE algorithm with CUDA

Zahra Putrii Fitrianti (2018), primary supervision: N. Strisciuglio
A Method for Automatic Learning of COSFIRE Parameters

Peri Rahamim (2018),jointly supervised with A. Meijster
Is it possible to predict basketball results using statistical data?

Emilio Oldenziel (2017)
Multi-Class Classification of Functional Data

Michiel Straat (2016)
Time series classification in complex Fourier space

R.A. van de Griend (2016), jointly supervised with M. Aiello
Computers should learn from their mistakes

S.L. Geertsema and S. Feringa (2012), jointly supervised with M.H.F. Wilkinson
Automatic separation of skin lesions from healthy human skin

Martien Scheepens (2012)
Simulation of deliberation with a simple neural network

Harm de Vries and Mark Scheeve (2011)
Batch optimization methods in Generalized Matrix Relevance Learning Vector Quantiation

Gjalt Bearda (2010), daily supervision: L.W. Wansbeek
Simulations of the Zeeman Slower for the Al^41catraz experiment