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Supervised MSc thesis projects (completed)
as first supervisor at the JBI (if not specified otherwise)
year of completion and link to archive or pdf if available

Thomas Nijman (2017)
Detection of adrenocortical carcinoma recurrence using 24-hour urine samples and machine learning

Lidia Talavera Martinez (2017, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Identification of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases through the analysis of FDG-PET images using machine learning techniques

Martien Scheepens (2017)
GPLVQ - Prototype Based Probabilistic Classification

Niels Kluiter (2017)
Efficient reliability estimation of classifier systems

Rick van Veen (2016)
Analysis of Missing Data Imputation Applied to Heart Failure Data

Sreejita Ghosh (Biomedical Engineering, co-supervision, 2016)
Heart failure severity prediction from medical records

Demy Idema (Life Sciences Research Report 1, co-supervision, 2016)
The prescription sequence symmetry analysis (PSSA) study design in pharmacoepidemiology: a systematic review and simulation study

Harm de Vries (2014)
On optimization of Generalized Matrix Learning Vector Quantization

Sander Kelders (2013)
LaMaLVQ: Warping Space

Eamon Nerbonne (2012)
Semi-localized Matrix LVQ

Gjalt Bearda (2011)
Combining distance measures in Learning Vector Quantization

Amirhosein Shantia (2011) (daily supervisor: Marco Wiering)
Automatic Robot Learning Using Reinforcement Learning

Hedde Bosman (2010) (daily supervisor: Tjeerd Andringa)
Relating head-movement to sound events

Moses Matovu (2010)
Adaptive feature space transformation in Generalized Matrix Learning Vector Quantization

Han Stiekema (2009)
Tumor Classification based on metabolomics data

Tijmen Rozeboom (2009)
Relevance LVQ for face detection

Ando Emerencia (2009)
Student's t distributions in Learning Vector Quantization

Caesar Ogole (2008)
k-Nearest Neighbor and Learning Vector Quantization Relevance Learning via Semi-definite Programming

Wouter Storteboom (2008)
Simulation of Windowed LVQ algorithms

Gert-Jan de Vries (2007)
Analysis of Robust Soft Learning Vector Quantization

Marten Pijl (2006) (daily supervisor: R. Breitling)
Exploring metabolic space using machine learning technologies