EnSO Project

The EnSO project will develop a scalable energy-aware framework for offices that incorporates awareness of the occupant’s and building context with the goal of overall energy saving. The EnSO approach builds on cooperative, goal-oriented sensing, context information processing, activity and plan recognition, service composition and device actuation in large-scale distributed sensor networks to minimise energy consumption while adhering to occupant comfort requirements.

The main goal of EnSO is thus to develop an ICT platform having the users at the center for saving energy in the operation of office buildings. The main scientific challenges that it addresses are: user activity recognition, probabilistic user plan recognition, scaling user activity recognition to group level, service composition over large heterogeneous sensor networks. The research themes are orthogonal to those of energy generation in buildings, and the findings of the project can be combined with energy generation proposals, though energy generation is outside the scope of EnSO.


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