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Johann Bernoulli Institute


The Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, named after the late 17th/early 18th century scientist who taught at the University of Groningen from 1695 to 1705, comprises two sections: Mathematics and Computer Science. These sections are not separate administrative units but are rather clusters of basic units (basiseenheden) formed around chairs and research programs: six mathematics research programs and six computer science research programs.

The set of programs as a whole has as its main goal performing research at a high international level, leading to publications in international scientific journals and a steady stream of highly qualified researchers (at the PhD level). The intended audience consists of the academic research community on one hand and social and professional practice (e.g., industry, hospitals, and administration) on the other hand. The institute aims to provide an attractive research environment for graduate students by maintaining a modern infrastructure and by appointing highly competent and active scientific staff members.

The constituting programs participate in seven graduate schools (onderzoekscholen) and most of the PhD students are enrolled in the educational programs and take part in other activities offered by these schools. After obtaining a PhD degree, young researchers continue their professional career in various environments, such as academia, government, administration, and industry in the country and abroad.

An important aspect of the research programs is their relation to the teaching curriculum. The mathematics department offers degrees in Mathematics, Engineering mathematics and Business mathematics. The computer science department offers a degree in Computer Science (Informatica). These teaching programs require a broad expertise from the staff and the research programs reflect this.