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Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Elisa Lorenzo García - The generalized Sato-Tate conjecture
Firstly, I will state the original Sato-Tate conjecture for elliptic curves without complex multiplication. This conjecture relates the distribution of the number of points over finite fields of these curves and the distribution of the Haar measure in some compact Lie groups.
Then I will state the generalized version of the conjecture and I will explain the latest progress in that way in the dimension 2 case. Finally, I will speak about my current work in dimension 3.

Nima Monshizadeh-Naini - Model Reduction of Systems
Seeking for simpler descriptions of highly complex or large scale systems has resulted in the development of many different model reduction techniques. A simpler model provides a simpler description, better understanding, and easier analysis of the system.
In this talk, first, the issue of model reduction for linear time-invariant systems is revisited. Then, switched linear systems (SLS) are introduced. The notion of stability for SLS is illustrated. Finally, possible ideas for model reduction of SLS are discussed.
This talk is prepared for people with little or no background in the field of systems and control. Hence, mathematical formulas are avoided as much as possible and the underlying ideas are highlighted.