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Architecture-Agility Combination

General Introduction

Critics of traditional architecting processes argue that they tend to employ a Big Design Up-Front (BDUF) approach leading to excessive documentation and implementation of possibly unneeded features, which introduce additional development effort. As an alternative to BDUF, agile development is proposed, which mainly focuses on adapting to change and delivering products of high quality through simple work-processes. Freudenberg and Sharp listed the top 10 burning research questions in the agile development community collected from about 300 practitioners at the XP 2010 conference, and the question “Architecture and agile - how much design is enough for different classes of problem?” is ranked in the second position. Many approaches, techniques, processes, and tools have been proposed and developed to support either the use of software architecture or the use of agile methods in software development. However, ways to combine them is a challenging issue, which has been heavily debated over the past years.

Tools and Demos

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Recent Publications

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