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Architecting Embedded System

General Introduction

Embedded systems are present in several products that human beings interact with frequently, such as mobile phones and cars, as well as in applications for providing basic services, such as power plants. In the software development life-cycle of these systems, the architecting phase is one of the most important, once the architecture allows considering quality attributes early on. Thus, it enables development teams to avoid expensive rework in cases when quality attributes are found not to be satisfied during in later development stages, such as testing. Moreover, the architecture allows communication between stakeholders by sharing a vision about the system through a common language.

Research Projects

  • ACES (Architecting Critical Embedded Systems)
    Grant: NUFFIC-CAPES / CNPq
    Period: 2013-2017
  • PROMES (Processes Models for Engineering of Embedded Systems)
    Grant: ITEA
    Period: 2013-2015

Tools and Demos

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Recent Publications

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