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Architecture Reasoning Process

General Introduction

Architecture Reasoning Process. Architecting is to a large extent a decision-making process. Although many established architecting approaches exist in the literature, little guidance can be found to support the reasoning part of decision-making. To fill this knowledge gap, we conducted a survey with industrial software architects to find out how they reason in real software projects. We derived reasoning best practices that can support especially inexperienced architects with optimizing their decision-making process. In addition to analyzing the innate reasoning processes of architects, we have been conducting multiple case studies to examine the influence of systematic and continuous architecture decision documentation on the reasoning activities followed by inexperienced software engineers. Furthermore, we have developed a documentation framework for architecture decisions, consisting of five viewpoints, each dedicated to specific decision-related concerns. Finally, we developed the Open Decision Repository (ODR), a tool for supporting decision documentation.

Tools and Demos

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Recent Publications

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