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Completed Research Projects

This following research projects have been completed within our group:

  • GRIFFIN (Software a GRId For inFormatIoN about architectural knowledge)
    Grant: NWO Jacquard
    Period: 2005-2009
    Keywords: Architectural Knowledge
  • SAS-LeG (Software as a Service Architectures for Local eGovernemnts)
    Grant: NWO Jacquard
    Period: 2008
    Keywords: Variability Management (SOA-e-Gov)
  • SeCSE (Service Centric Software Engineering)
    Grant: IST-2001-511680
    Period: 2004-2007
    Keywords: Software Composition
  • DARWIN (System Evolvability)
    Grant: NWO Bsik
    Period: 2005
    Keywords: Architecture-centric Evolution
  • ConIPF (Configuration in Industrial Product Families)
    Grant: IST-2001-34438
    Period: 2002-2005
    Keywords: Software Product Lines
  • STATUS (Software Architecture That supports Usability)
    Grant: IST-2001-32298
    Period: 2001-2004
    Keywords: Architecture Usability
  • ESAPS (Engineering Software Architectures, Processes and Platforms for System-Families)
    Grant: ITEA Project
    Period: 1999-2001
    Keywords: Software Product Lines
  • COVAMOF (Variability Management in Software Product Families)
    Keywords: Software Product Lines