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Drs. Areti Ampatzoglou

PhD student

  • e-mail: areti.ampatzoglou
  • personal page: N/A


  • Technical Debt
  • Software Economics
  • Object-Oriented Design

Areti's Recent Publications

(For more publications go to Areti's publications page.)

Areti Ampatzoglou, Alexander Michailidis, Christos Sarikyriakidis, Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, and Paris Avgeriou. A Framework for Managing Interest in Technical Debt: An Industrial Validation. In 2018 International Conference on Technical Debt (TechDEBT). ACM, 2018.   pdf
Areti Ampatzoglou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, Paris Avgeriou, Pekka Abrahamsson, Antonio Martini, Uwe Zdun, and Kari Systa. The Perception of Technical Debt in the Embedded Systems Domain: An Industrial Case Study. In 8th International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (MTD’ 2016). IEEE Computer Society, 2016.   pdf
Areti Ampatzoglou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Paris Avgeriou, and Alexander Chatzigeorgiou. A Financial Approach for Managing Interest in Technical Debt. In Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, pages 117–133. . Springer, 2016.   doi