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Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi

PhD student

  • room number: 0576 (Bernoulliborg, building 5161)
  • e-mail: s.mahdavi.hezavehi


  • Self-adaptive Systems
  • Software Architecture and Patterns
  • Software Oriented Architectures
  • Variability of Quality Attributes

Sara's Recent Publications

(For more publications go to Sara's publications page.)

Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi, Vinicius Humberto Serapilha Durelli, Danny Weyns, and Paris Avgeriou. A systematic literature review on methods that handle multiple quality attributes in architecture-based self-adaptive systems. Information and Software Technology, 2017.   bib
Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi, Danny Weyns, and Paris Avgeriou. A Classification of Current Architecture-based Approaches Tackling Uncertainty in Self-Adaptive Systems with Multiple Requirements. In Managing Trade-offs in Adaptable Software Architectures. ACM, 2016.   bib
Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi. Handling Multiple Quality Attributes Trade-off in Architecture-based Self-adaptive systems. In Proceedings of the ECSA 2016 - Doctoral Symposium. Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016.   bib
Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi, Matthias Galster, and Paris Avgeriou. Variability in Quality Attributes of Service-based Software Systems: A Systematic Literature Review. Information and Software Technology, 55(2):320–343, 2013.   doi
Sara Mahdavi-Hezavehi, Uwe van Heesch, and Paris Avgeriou. A Pattern Language for Architecture Patterns and Software Technologies Introducing Technology Pattern Languages. In Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (EuroPLoP). Conference Proceedings, 2011.   url