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Managed Data in Javascript

Managed data is an approach for defining modular strategies for data abstraction. By describing the structure of the data in a declarative and extensible schema language, custom data managers can be defined to dynamically interpret creation, deletion, and access operations on data conforming to the schema.

This approach has been published originally as: Managed Data: Modular Strategies for Data Abstraction. More recently, the design has been realized in Java using dynamic proxies: Extensible Modeling with Managed Data in Java. The goal of this project is to explore managed data in Javascript.

In particular this project involves:

  • An exploration of how data schemas can be represented in Javascript using JSON.
  • The design of a data manager architecture that interprets such schemas, using the new ES6 Proxy API.
  • You will evaluate your approach by defining a number of custom data managers, for instance, to implement immutable data, logging, notification on data, etc. An important aspect is that such managers can be defined modularly, as an extension of a default data manager.

Contact: Tijs van der Storm