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Migrating Java Source Code to Javascript

Javascript is the new assembly. Many languages are compiled (or transpiled) to Javascript these days, in order to have them run in the browser. Java, however, has not seen much success in this regard. The goal of this project is to fix this situation, or if not, find out why it should be so hard to translate Java to Javascript. Of course, these things are always possible, since Javascript is Turing complete, but the goal is to have somewhat normal Javascript code as output. For instance, the ES6 Javascript version supports classes; it is to be expected that a Java class would map to a ES6 class...

Expected results:

  • Literature survey of language migration tools and case studies.
  • A check list/inventory detailing the constraints regarding mapping Java language/library features to Javascript.
  • A transformation tool prototype, developed in Rascal, to migrate Java source code to Javascript source code.
  • Evaluation of the prototype on a number of existing libraries, and applications, along the dimensions of correctness and performance.

Essential sources:

Contact: Tijs van der Storm