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Chapter 11: Information Visualization


Exercises Chapter 11

Prerequisites: These exercises do require a good understanding of the main types of techniques presented in Chapter 11 for the visualization of different types of abstract datasets (tables, trees, graphs, text, and multivariate datasets). A detailed knowledge of the difference between all types of techniques presented in that chapter for each dataset type is not required. A good understanding of the overall concepts of data interpolation, representing and traversing trees and graphs, and representing a grid (mesh), as provided in Chapter 3, is also required.

Aims: The provided exercises are intended to test that the student understands the similarities and, more importantly, differences between an abstract (infovis) dataset and a scivis dataset, in terms of dataset structure, allowed interpolation operations, and types of attributes. Next, the exercises test the student's understanding of the different aims and scope of various infovis techniques vs different types of infovis datasets and related tasks. Finally, the more complex exercises test the student's understanding of the possibilities of combining different scivis and infovis techniques to accomplish more complex data exploration tasks.

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