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Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Nov 21 15:00–17:00 BB162 Chengtao Ji tba
Nov 7 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht and Gerben Hettinga Interactive workshop on the use of Git, the Computational Server, and a demo of running something on the Peregrine cluster.
Oct 10 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Classification of faces in video
Sep 12 15:00–17:00 BB162 all group members short updates
Jul 11 15:00–17:00 BB162 Jelle Bakker Subdivision shading (research internship presentation)
Jannick Boonstra Raytraced diffusion curves (final BSc presentation)
Jun 8 15:00–16:00 BB289 Gerben Hettinga Smoothing polygonal surface meshes with normals (final MSc presentation)
Jun 7 16:00–17:00 BB267 Franz Fuchs (SINTEF) Interactive and Pixel-Accurate Rendering of Locally Refined (LR-)Splines and Isogeometric volumes (CS colloquium talk)
Jun 6 15:00–17:00 BB222 Lingyun Yu Context-Aware Selection Techniques and Visual Storytelling (test talk)
Klaas Kliffen Adaptive tessellation of rational Bézier triangles (research internship talk)
May 16 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Capsule endoscopy
Han Kruiger Graph layouts by t-SNE (EuroVis test talk)
May 3 16:00–17:00 BB267 Miroslav Lávička Recognizing algebraic surfaces from special class (CS colloquium)
Apr 18 15:00–17:00 BB162 Bram Musters Augmented Reality for Efficient Management of Gas Infrastructure (final MSc presentation)
Apr 11 15:00–17:00 BB162 Gerben Hettinga Phong Tessellation and PN Polygons for Polygonal Models (Eurographics test talk)
Mar 28 15:00–17:00 BB162 Davide Punzo 3D Visualization and Analysis of HI in and around galaxies
Mar 21 15:00–17:00 BB162 Frank M. Westers Using GPU parallelization to simulate fluid flows in 1D and 2D (final BSc presentation)
Mar 14 15:00–17:00 BB162 Presentation F. Westers shifted one week later due to speaker illness
Feb 28 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht Gradient meshes and beyond (AD; book chapter)
Feb 14 15:00–17:00 BB162 Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar Towards Real-Time Balance Quantification during Exergaming using Curvature and Speed of Body Movements
Feb 7 15:00–17:00 BB162 Maarten Terpstra Dense Skeletons for Image Compression and Manipulation (final MSc presentation)
Jan 25 16:00–17:00 BB267 Henrik Lieng Tools and techniques for vector graphics design (CS colloquium)