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Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Apr 12 16:00–17:00 BB267 Michael Barton Geometric modeling and manufacturing (CS colloquium talk)
Apr 03 15:00–17:00 BB162 Gerben Hettinga, Pieter Barendrecht EuroGraphics test talks (short papers)
Mar 27 15:00–17:00 BB162 Gerben Hettinga Multisided generalisations of Gregory patches (test talk for GMP 2018)
Mar 14 15:00–17:00 BB267 Marc Streit Leveraging Provenance for
 Storytelling, Reproducibility, and Recall (CS colloquium talk)
Mar 13 15:00–17:00 BB162 Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar Visual Analysis and Quantitative Assessment of Human Movement (thesis discussion)
Feb 13 15:00–17:00 BB162 Jan Boonstra Diffusion curves using cubic mean value coordinates (BSc presentation)
Lorenzo Amabili The Dawn of Storytelling in Scientific Articles? (AD on this paper)
Jan 9 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Joint Brightness and Tone Stabilization of Capsule Endoscopy Videos