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Group Meetings Schedule

The group meetings schedule is also accessible on the public group wiki (link). This way people without the password for our internal wiki can also see what is planned (for example, students). However, the editing of the page happens here on the internal one. The public wiki simply embeds the contents of (a part of) this page.

So please add your own talks and topics to this list as necessary and/or send an e-mail to Jiri? about it. If you use the common Google Calender?, please also add new entries to that one.

Note: Meetings marked AD below indicate article discussions (as opposed to own-work presentations).

Note for 2017/18: We have 5161.0162 (VIP-room) booked for all Tuesdays 3-5pm, except for December 5: room 5114.001.

Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Nov 21 15:00–17:00 BB162 Chengtao Ji Visualization of Multichannel EEG coherence Networks based on Community structure analysis
Nov 7 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht and Gerben Hettinga Interactive workshop on the use of Git, the Computational Server, and a demo of running something on the Peregrine cluster.
Oct 10 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Classification of faces in video
Sep 12 15:00–17:00 BB162 all group members short updates
Jul 11 15:00–17:00 BB162 Jelle Bakker Subdivision shading (research internship presentation)
Jannick Boonstra Raytraced diffusion curves (final BSc presentation)
Jun 8 15:00–16:00 BB289 Gerben Hettinga Smoothing polygonal surface meshes with normals (final MSc presentation)
Jun 7 16:00–17:00 BB267 Franz Fuchs (SINTEF) Interactive and Pixel-Accurate Rendering of Locally Refined (LR-)Splines and Isogeometric volumes (CS colloquium talk)
Jun 6 15:00–17:00 BB222 Lingyun Yu Context-Aware Selection Techniques and Visual Storytelling (test talk)
Klaas Kliffen Adaptive tessellation of rational Bézier triangles (research internship talk)
May 16 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Capsule endoscopy
Han Kruiger Graph layouts by t-SNE (EuroVis test talk)
May 3 16:00–17:00 BB267 Miroslav Lávička Recognizing algebraic surfaces from special class (CS colloquium)
Apr 18 15:00–17:00 BB162 Bram Musters Augmented Reality for Efficient Management of Gas Infrastructure (final MSc presentation)
Apr 11 15:00–17:00 BB162 Gerben Hettinga Phong Tessellation and PN Polygons for Polygonal Models (Eurographics test talk)
Mar 28 15:00–17:00 BB162 Davide Punzo 3D Visualization and Analysis of HI in and around galaxies
Mar 21 15:00–17:00 BB162 Frank M. Westers Using GPU parallelization to simulate fluid flows in 1D and 2D (final BSc presentation)
Mar 14 15:00–17:00 BB162 Presentation F. Westers shifted one week later due to speaker illness
Feb 28 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht Gradient meshes and beyond (AD; book chapter)
Feb 14 15:00–17:00 BB162 Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar Towards Real-Time Balance Quantification during Exergaming using Curvature and Speed of Body Movements
Feb 7 15:00–17:00 BB162 Maarten Terpstra Dense Skeletons for Image Compression and Manipulation (final MSc presentation)
Jan 25 16:00–17:00 BB267 Henrik Lieng Tools and techniques for vector graphics design (CS colloquium)