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Group Meetings Schedule

The group meetings schedule is also accessible on the public group wiki (link). This way people without the password for our internal wiki can also see what is planned (for example, students). However, the editing of the page happens here on the internal one. The public wiki simply embeds the contents of (a part of) this page.

So please add your own talks and topics to this list as necessary and/or send an e-mail to Jiri? about it.

Note: Meetings marked AD below indicate article discussions (as opposed to own-work presentations).

Note for 2018/19: We have 5161.0162 (VIP-room) booked for all Tuesdays 3-5pm, 04 September 2018 till 9 July 2019 except for September 18 (5173.0151), October 02 (5173.0165), December 04 (room tba). And on November 6 and 13 we have 5114.0001 and on November 20 we have BB116 (the faculty room). And on 14 May 2019 we have 5114.0001

Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Dec 11 15:00–17:00 BB162 Xingyu Chen tba
Nov 20 15:00–17:00 BB116 Jieying Wang Dense-skeleton based image compression
Nov 13 15:00–17:00 5114.0001 Zizhao Wu 3D shape analysis
Oct 30 15:00–17:00 BB162 Youngjoo Kim Visual Analytics of Astronomical Data: Preprocessing Using Gradient Clustering Approach in Dimensionality Reduction
Oct 16 15:00–17:00 BB162 Xiaofei Ai From augmented reality to visual storytelling
Oct 9 15:00–17:00 BB162 Lorenzo Amabili Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data (VIS 2019 DC test talk)
Oct 2 15:00–17:00 5173.0165 Teun Verstraaten Local and Hierarchical Refinement for Subdivision Gradient Meshes (Pacific Graphics 2018 test talk)
Sep 19 16:30–18:00 BB267 Jorge del Nozal Intelligent Systems for Colonoscopy (CS Colloquium talk)
Sep 19 15:00–16:00 5173.0151 Willem Dijkstra Polyp Detection, Localization and Segmentation in Colonoscopy Images using a Single Convolutional Neural Network Architecture (MSc thesis presentation)
Sep 18 15:00–17:00 5173.0151 Steven Bouma DTI Fiber Tract Simplification and Visualization (MSc thesis presentation)
Tim Oosterhuis Fast semi-automatic bone fragment segmentation (MSc thesis presentation)
Sep 4 15:00–17:00 BB162 all short (research) updates; group's poster, logo, and meetings schedule
July 17 15:00–17:00 BB165 Ankita Dewan An Interactive Visual Tool for Exploring Provenance Graphs (final MSc presentation)
July 10 15:00–17:00 BB0041b Stefan Cretu A parallel approach for the Shape, Illumination and Reflectance from Shading algorithm (final MSc presentation)
Jun 26 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht A bivariate subdivision scheme based on half-box splines (test talk for Curves & Surfaces 2018)
Jun 19 15:00–17:00 BB162 Bárbara Benato tba (MSc project presentation)
May 29 15:00–17:00 BB162 Laura Baakman An Exploration of Computer-Assisted Acetabular Fracture Reduction (MSc colloquium presentation)
Lorenzo Amabili Improving Provenance Data Interaction for Visual Storytelling in Medical Imaging Data Exploration (test talk (take two) for EuroVis 2018)
May 22 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht Locally Refinable Gradient Meshes Supporting Branching and Sharp Colour Transitions (test talk for Computer Graphics International 2018)
Lorenzo Amabili Improving Provenance Data Interaction for Visual Storytelling in Medical Imaging Data Exploration (test talk for EuroVis 2018)
May 8 15:00–17:00 faculty room Ankita Dewan An Interactive Visual Tool for Exploring Provenance Graphs (MSc project presentation)
Apr 12 16:00–17:00 BB267 Michael Barton Geometric modeling and manufacturing (CS colloquium talk)
Apr 03 15:00–17:00 BB162 Gerben Hettinga, Pieter Barendrecht EuroGraphics test talks (short papers): A Comparison of GPU Tessellation Strategies for Multisided Patches & Smooth Blended Subdivision Shading
Mar 27 15:00–17:00 BB162 Gerben Hettinga Multisided generalisations of Gregory patches (test talk for GMP 2018)
Mar 14 15:00–17:00 BB267 Marc Streit Leveraging Provenance for
 Storytelling, Reproducibility, and Recall (CS colloquium talk)
Mar 13 15:00–17:00 BB162 Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar Visual Analysis and Quantitative Assessment of Human Movement (thesis discussion)
Feb 13 15:00–17:00 BB162 Jan Boonstra Diffusion curves using cubic mean value coordinates (BSc presentation)
Lorenzo Amabili The Dawn of Storytelling in Scientific Articles? (AD on this paper)
Jan 9 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Joint Brightness and Tone Stabilization of Capsule Endoscopy Videos