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Available Projects

Open Master's Projects (contact the respective supervisor)

Supervisor: Jos Roerdink

  • Designing an interactive, dynamic online grocery store (proposed by Koert van Ittersum, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Well-being, University of Groningen). More information: PDF

Supervisor: Alex Telea

Supervisor: Jiri Kosinka

(Most of the following projects are scalable and can be adapted to suit other project types.)

  • End-conditions for subdivision curves and surfaces; PDF
  • NURBS modelling with control vectors; PDF
  • Subdivision shading variants; PDF
  • Fonts and logos as subdivision curves; PDF

* Fracture reconstruction; PDF

  • 3D medical puzzle; This project would build on this BSc project, in collaboration with UMCG and CIT.
  • Raytraced diffusion curves; PDF
  • Adaptive CAD model rendering; PDF coming soon; in collaboration with Schut Geometrical Metrology, Groningen.

Open Term Projects (Onderzoeksstage)

  • Quantifying balance ability during exergaming in collaboration with INCAS3 Assen. More information: PDF.
  • Brain Imaging project in collaboration with Artinis Medical Systems. More information: PDF.
  • Most of the Master's thesis projects specified above by J. Kosinka can be adapted to a research/in-company internship project.

General Open Projects

Many projects can be adjusted so that they fit the constraints of either a Master's, term, or Bachelor project. In case you would like to work on a project in a category other than the ones announced, please let us know.

In addition, here are some ideas for projects without a dedicated category:

* Illustrative and Artistic Visualization of Map Data (Bachelor or Onderzoeksstage). Contact: Tobias Isenberg.

Your Own Project Idea

If you have an idea of a specific project or would like to work generally in a specific area, please let us know about it and we can then narrow the project down. Generally, we advise projects in the following areas:

  • scientific visualization, multiresolution (wavelets, pyramids), morphological data processing, applications (biomedical, astronomy, bioinformatics) (contact Jos Roerdink),
  • information visualisation, software visualisation, skeletonization (contact Alexandru Telea),
  • geometric modelling (curve and surface representation, splines, subdivision), computer (and especially vector) graphics (contact Jiri Kosinka).

For more information on the research in our group, see our research web pages. Lists of selected current and completed Bachelor projects, term projects, and Master's projects are also available.