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Art Program

In addition to having an art and a science program, Computational Aesthetics is also co-located with Computer Graphics International. We will share the venue and the social events. Attendees of either conference may attend the keynotes of both. CGI attendees may also join in this art program.

Complete Program Overview of CAe and CGI

A brochure of the program can now be downloaded in booklet form or in single-page form.

Detailed Art Program of CAe

See also the detailed program of CAe and CGI.

Art Show (computer installations)

Opening: Wednesday, 18:30–20:00, Art room
Running: Thursday and Friday, daytimes

  1. Henrique Roscoe — hol
  2. Benjamin Forster — Drawing Machine
  3. Elif Ayiter — Anatomia

Art Show (print)

Opening: Wednesday, 18:30–20:00, Foyer
Running: Thursday and Friday, daytimes

  1. Murat Germen — Chronophotography
  2. The Luxury of Protest c/o Peter Crnokrak — A_B_peace & terror etc.
  3. Penousal Machado and Juan Romero — Losing System Signature

Artist Presentations

Wednesday 20:00–22:00, Large Room
Each artist gets 20 minutes

  1. Mehrdad Garousi — The Dancing Flowers
  2. Florian Gruber, Nikolaus Hartmann, Thomas Lorenz and Christina Simmel — Stroem – an audiovisual installation
  3. Fernando Graca Penousal Machado — Informal Stains: gestural painting
  4. Jinsook Kim — Motion Gestalt Grouping Principles for the Creative Process of Motion Graphics
  5. Andres Wanner — The Art Machine


Friday, 17:00–18:00, Large Room

  1. Anabela Costa — VORTEX ROOM
  2. Julie Andreyev — Animal Lover
  4. Jim Bizzocchi — Winterscape


Friiday, 20:00–0:00, Large Room

Steve Gibson, Stfan Müller Arisona, Justin Love, Randy Adams, and Jim Olson — Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux

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