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International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering

Date: August 1–2, 2009
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

You are invited to participate in NPAR 2009, the 7th international symposium dedicated to non-photorealistic animation and rendering, sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH and in cooperation with Eurographics. Non-photorealistic animation and rendering (NPAR) refers to techniques for visually communicating ideas and information. Such techniques usually generate imagery which is expressive, rather than "photorealistic". This research deals with both the mechanisms of non-photorealistic rendering techniques as well as the principles of visual communication via such artistic rendering.

For the second time, NPAR will be co-located with SIGGRAPH in New Orleans. This will allow us to raise attention for this important field, to open it to new people from academia, arts, and industry. Once again NPAR will bring together researchers and practitioners to showcase cutting-edge research in non-photorealistic animation and rendering systems and techniques.

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