current PhD students

Talko Dijkhuis

Laura Fiorini

Azkario Rizky Pratama

Brian Setz

Ang Sha

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Completed PhD

Frank Blaauw

The non-existent average individual: Automated personalization in psychopathology research by leveraging the capabilities of data science 12/2/18 University of Groningen (download) (promotors: Marco Aiello and Peter de Jonge, GWS)

Heerko Groefsema

Business Process Variability: A Study into Process Management and Verification

23/12/16 University of Groningen (download)

Faris Nizamic

A Smart Energy System for Sustainable Buildings: The Case of the Bernoulliborg 12/02/16 University of Groningen (link)

Tuan Anh Nguyen

Energy Adaptive Buildings: From Sensor Data to Being Aware of Users 27/11/15 University of Groningen (download)

Ilche Georgievski

Coordinating services embedded everywhere via hierarchical planning 9/10/15 University of Groningen (download)

Viktoriya Degeler

Dynamic Rule-Based Reasoning in Smart Environments 29/9/14 University of Groningen (download) (promotor: Marco Aiello, co-promotor and daily supervisor: Alexander Lazovik)

Ando Emerencia

Computing a Second Opinion: Automated Reasoning and Statistical Inference applied to Medical Data 27/6/14 University of Groningen (download) (promotors: Marco Aiello, Nicolai Petkov and Peter de Jonge, UMCG)

Giuliano Andrea Pagani

From the Grid to the Smart Grid, Topologically 15/3/14 University of Groningen (download)

Lian van der Krieke

Patients in the driver’s seat: A role for e-mental health? 5/3/14 Univ. of Groningen (first promotor: Peter de Jonge, UMCG, second promotor: Marco Aiello)

Ehsan Warriach Ullah

Design and Implementation of a Middleware Platform for a Smart Home 25/11/13 Univ. of Groningen (download)

Eirini Kaldeli

Domain-Independent Planning for Services in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments 10/05/13 Univ. of Groningen (download)

Pavel Bulanov

Management and Evolution of Business Process Variants 11/12/12 Univ. of Groningen (download)

Panchalee Sukjit

Regularising Amorphous Peer-to-Peer Networks with Overlay Grids Generated Locally 11/11/11 Univ. of Groningen (External candidate, promotors: Nicoali Petkov and Marco Aiello)

Ganna Frankova

Engineering Business Processes with Service Level Agreements: From Early Requirements towards Business Processes 16/03/10 Univ. of Trento (download)

Alexander Lazovik    

Planning and execution of Service-Oriented Business Processes 15/12/06 Univ. of Trento

PhD reading committee membership

Renjian Pi

Identification of the Cascading Failure Propagation Under the Extreme Weather 2018 Politecnico di Torino, (I)

Eirini C. Schiza

An eHealth Driven National Healthcare Ecosystem 22/06/2018 University of Groningen (NL)

Francisco Jose Ibarra Caceres

The Connective Power of Reminiscence: Designing a Reminiscence-based Tool to Increase Social

Interactions in Residential Care  07/05/2018 University of Trento (I)

Lorenzo Bottaccioli

Modelling and simulation infrastructure for smart energy and renewable technologies integration

in urban districts  05/04/2018 Politecnico di Torino, (I)

Jatoth Chandra Shekar

QoS-aware Service Composition using Computational Intelligence Techniques 2018 IRDBT Hyderabad (IN)

Robertus Setiawan Aji Nugroho

Incorporating Relationships Between Tweets for Topic Derivation in Twitter Winter 2017 Macquarie University (AUS)

Damir Lotinac

Inductive and deductive approach to generalized planning 14/12/2017 Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (E)

Robson Wagner Albuquerque de Medeiros

Cost Management of Service Composition  08/12/2017 University of Twente (NL)

Cong Feng

Shape Segmentation and Retrieval Based on the Skeleton Cut Space 22/9/2017 Groningen (NL)

Lei Han

User Interface Derivation based on Role-enriched Business Process Model  Spring 2017 Macquarie University (AUS)

Qingzhi Liu

Self-Organizing Energy-Autonomous Systems 2/12/2016 TU Delft (NL)

Renato da Silva

Visualizing Multidimensional Data Similarities - Improvements and Applications 18/10/2016 Groningen (NL)

Ahmad Dehwah

Energy Aware Routing Schemes in Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Networks 10/10/2016 KAUST (SA)

Hedde Bosman

Anomaly detection in (networked) embedded systems 12/09/2016 TU Eindhoven (NL)

Danilo Coimbra

Multidimensional Projections for the Visual Exploration of Multimedia Data 18/03/2016 University of Groningen (NL)

Dan Tofan

Understanding and Supporting Software Architectural Decisions 20/11/2015 University of Groningen (NL)

Yakup Koç

On Robustness of Power Grids: Measuring the Robustness of Power Grids: A complex Networks Theory Approach 16/11/2015 TU Delft (NL)

Drake Patrick Mirembe

The Threat Nets Approach to Information System Security Risk Analysis 01/10/2015 University of Groningen (NL)

Michele Mancioppi

Correction of Unrealizable Service Choreographies 08/09/15 University of Tilburg (NL)

Lei Wang

Robust Collaborative Services Interactions with Regard to System Crashes and Network Failures 23/04/2015 Univ. of Twente (NL)

Riccardo Bonetto

on Telecommunication for the Smart Grid march 2015 University of Padova (I)

Vinh Bui

A Software Architecture for Body Area Sensor Networks: Flexibility and Trustworthiness 04/03/2015 TU/Eindhoven (NL)

João Luís Cardoso de Moraes

Methodological Support to Develop Interoperable Applications for Pervasive Healthcare 05/11/2014 Univ. of Twente (NL)

Andrea Marrella

Knowledge-intensive Processes Spring 2013 La Sapienza University of Rome (I)

Maryam Razavian

Knowledge-driven Migration to Services 11/04/2013 Free Univ. of Amsterdam (NL)

Ricardo Seguel Perez

Business Protocol Adaptors for Flexible Business Chain Formation and Enactment 16/02/12 TU/eindhoven (NL)

Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos

A Goal-Based Framework for Semantic Service Provisioning 08/12/11 Univ. of Twente (NL)

Wico Mulder

Learning Agent Organizations  01/06/11Univ. of Amsterdam (NL)

Eduardo da Silva

User-centric Service Composition - Towards Personalised Service Composition and Delivery 11/05/11 Univ. of Twente (NL)

David Costa

Formal Models for Component Connectors 13/12/10 Free Univ. of Amsterdam (NL)

Gianluca Giorgolo

Space and Time in Our Hands 15/09/10 Univ. of Utrecht (NL)

Stanislav Pokraev

Model-Driven Semantic Integration of Service-Oriented Applications 22/10/09 University of Twente (NL)

Benjamin Kanagwa

Service-Oriented Computing: Discovery and Composition 26/02/09 University of Nijmegen (NL)


Service Licensing 26/02/08 University of Trento (I)

Guadalupe Ortiz Bellot   

Integrating Extra-functional Properties in Model-driven web service development 2007 Universidad de Extremadura (E)

Matteo Palmonari   

Commonsense Spatial Reasoning in Pervasive Computing: An Informational Approach 20/05/06 Univ. Milano Bicocca (I)


Alex Popescu

The applicability of open standard SDN implementations in automotive networks 30/6/2017 Univ. of Groningen

Guntur Dharma Putra

Social Density Estimation Based on Consumer Smartphone Sensors (download) 130/1/2017 Univ. of Groningen

Maarten Blegten

Impact of Renewable Generation on the Stability of the Electricity Grid (download) 11/01/2017 Univ. of Groningen

Julien van der Land

The effects of network topology on energy networks (download) 12/12/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Elmer Jansema

Expanding Domain Name System support in Tor (download) 12/12/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Mathieu Kalksma

Mining household appliances patterns by monitoring electric plug loads (download) 22/11/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Stefan Boomker

Scalable and Flexible Middleware for Dynamic Data Flows (download) 30/08/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Mark Kloosterhuis

Verification extension for Business Process Modeling (VxBPM) Tool  (download) 20/05/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Laura Fiorini

The integration of storage in HV grids: optimal use of renewable sources (download) 10/12/15 Univ. of Pisa

Wytse Visser

Extracting Social Graphs from the Web (download) 9/12/15 Univ. of Groningen

Mark Hoekstra

Identifying relationships between websites  (download) 23/09/15 Univ. of Groningen

Jan Paul Eikelenboom

A software system to manage the domestic energy demand at the neighbourhood level  (download) 31/08/15 Univ. of Groningen

Laurence de Jong

Decentralized Link Sharing, Towards a Framework for Decentralized Applications (download) 18/08/15 Univ. of Groningen

Ralph Kiers

A Standardised Multi-agent System for Energy Market Simulation  (download) 08/05/15 Univ. of Groningen

Xander Elsas

Mobile Application for Energy Management Assistance (download) 22/10/14 Univ. of Groningen

Piet den Dulk

VxBPMN Designer: A Graphical Tool for Customizable Process Models Using the PVDI Framework

25/09/14 Univ. of Groningen

Tuan Luu Dinh

Authorship identification for online text (download) 20/08/14 Univ. of Groningen

Pietr Stavast

Prediction of Energy Consumption Using Historical Data and Twitter (download03/04/14 Univ. of Groningen

Harrie Pieters

From Proprietary to open source, a case study of Citrix Xenserver (download) 25/03/14 Univ. of Groningen (TBK, Master in Economics and Engineering)

Rudy Schoenmaker

Developing a Smart Grid Simulation model from an end-users perspective (download30//01/14 Univ. of Groningen

Sunna Björg Sigurjónsdóttir

Monitoring and reducing the consumption of home electric appliances (download10//01/14 Univ. of Groningen

Rene Zuidhof

Emotional Arousal Detection (download26/11/13 Univ. of Groningen

Jeroen de Groot

Document Understanding for Automatic Proceedings Generation (download30/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Jos van der Til

Long-term fault tolerant storage of critical sensor data in the intercloud (download30/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Divya S. Avalur

Human Breath Detection using a Microphone (download) 30/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Assel Bekbatyrova

Studying of the efficacy of real-time energy display (download) 29/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Kostas Tselios

Designing and evaluating an IT Strategy for congestion management in Smart distribution grids (download12/07/13 Univ. of Groningen (TBK-IT master)

Frank Blaauw

Gamification in a social system (download11/07/13 Univ. of Groningen

Samuel Esposito

Data Replication in Offline Web Applications: Optimizing Persistence, Synchronization and Conflict Resolution (download30/05/13 Univ. of Groningen

Allard Naber

Building a quality monitoring system for the production of drinking water (download03/01/13 Univ. of Groningen

Ntembeko Mkunyana

Evaluation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as an approach to integrate Educational Information Systems: A Case Study performed at Walter Sisulu University 30/08/12 Univ. of Groningen

Manuel Martiarena

Tablet interface for Smart Environments to Reduce Energy Consumption (download24/08/12 Univ. of Groningen

Marten Veldthuis

Quby: A domain-specific language for questionnaires (download20/08/12 Univ. of Groningen

Alex Bograd

Trust and Reputation in the Smart Energy Grid (download29/06/12 Univ. of Groningen

Marcel Koster

Reliable Multi-agent System for a large scale distributed energy trading network (download06/10/11 Univ. of Groningen

Bram Leemburg

A declarative meta modeling approach to define process migration constraints (download25/08/11 Univ. of Groningen

Elena Lazovik

Concurrent execution of automatically generated plans in Smart Homes (download) 25/08/11 Univ. of Groningen

Onno de Graaf

Analyzing Low Voltage Power Grids 19/05/11 Univ. of Groningen

Nicola Capodieci

P2P energy exchange agent platform featuring a game theory related learning negotiation algorithm (download) 10/05/11 Univ. of Modena

Martijn de Groote

JLocT: Java Location Tracker (download) 31/03/11 Univ. of Groningen

Doreen Tuheirwe

An Analysis of Transactions in Service-Centric Systems (download) 15/12/10 Univ. of Groningen

Jaap Bresser

A Service-Oriented middleware for device interoperation in the smart home  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Jasper Hafkenscheid

Focused Surfer Model: Ranking visual search results (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Dennis Kanon

Using Calibration Pinpoints for locating devices indoor  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Simon Takens

Indoor location tracking using Signal Strength Pinpoints  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Adam Loorbach

Measuring the efficiency offered to local e-Governments by Service Oriented Architectures (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Lazaro Luhusa

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for electric utilities in electrical distribution  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Hielko van der Hoorn

A Survey of Mobile Platforms for Pervasive Computing (download) 12/03/10 Univ. of Groningen

Simon Dalmolen

Defining patterns in unstructured manifests in a volatile cross-domain environment  (download) 11/03/10 Univ. of Groningen

Heino Lenting

Replicating augmented reality objects for multi-user interaction (download) 21/12/09 Univ. of Groningen

Nico van Benthem

RugCo: composing Web services from large repositories (download) 17/12/09 Univ. of Groningen

Remko de Jonge

Bluetooth Broadcasting: Designing a scalable system to distribute context aware information to mobile groups via Bluetooth: A feasibility study (download) 26/08/09 Univ. of Groningen

Patrick Ratelband

The Web service challenge 2009 (download) 26/08/09 Univ. of Groningen

Bart Hoenderboom

Electronic Health Record (download) 16/04/09 Univ. of Groningen

Niek Oost

Byte code analysis for application integration  (download) 27/08/08 Univ. of Groningen

Bas de Raad

ECBF: E-Commerce Back-office Framework: Designing an e-Commerce back-office system using the ECBF (download) 27/08/08 Univ. of Groningen

Herman van Rink

Conversation based chat-routing Finding an expert  (download) 20/06/08 Univ. of Groningen

Gerard Biemolt and Heerko Groefsema

Replicating Subsets of Data for the Dutch E-Government  (download) 25/04/08 Univ. of Groningen

Klas-jan Stol

A Framework for Document-oriented, Workflow-enabled applications  (download) 14/02/08 Univ. of Groningen

Daniela Malfatti

A Meta-Model for QoS-Aware Service Compositions (download) 19/12/07 Univ. of Trento

Jop Gerritsen

Data mining on historical access data for an intelligent caching and replacement algorithm in a digital archive of seismic data (download) To be presented. Master in Artificial Intelligence at the Univ. of Groningen

Mark Speelman

XMAS: eXpertise Matching Agent Service (download) July 2007 Univ. of Groningen

Brammert Ottens

A Logical Perspective on Mathematical Morphology (download) 15/02/07 Univ. of Amsterdam

Laurens J. van der Starre

The electronic government and its clients systems (download) 19 /01/07 Univ. of Groningen

Michele Mancioppi

The Federation System: Service Brokering the Peer-to-Peer Way (download) 13/09/06 Univ. of Trento

Maciej Michno

A Rule-based approach to the Recognition of Newspaper Articles (download) 19/07/06 Univ. of Trento

Manuel Zanoni

Un architettura domotica basata su WS-Notification (download) 22/02/06 Univ. of Trento

Prospective PhD Students and Interns

Due to the increasing number of unsolicited requests, I am unable to answer them all. Please notice that I can only hire a PhD student or an Intern when I have budget. I post a link to an opening as soon as available on my twitter account. If you have your own funding for a PhD trajectory, please send me an email with title “Supervision for Externally Funded PhD” together with a detailed CV and a 3-5 pages research proposal.