current PhD students

Frank Blaauw (co-Promotor P. de Jonge)

Talko Dijkhuis

Laura Fiorini

Azkario Rizky Pratama

Brian Setz

Ang Sha

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Completed PhD

Heerko Groefsema

Business Process Variability: A Study into Process Management and Verification

23/12/16 University of Groningen (download)

Faris Nizamic

A Smart Energy System for Sustainable Buildings: The Case of the Bernoulliborg 12/02/16 University of Groningen (link)

Tuan Anh Nguyen

Energy Adaptive Buildings: From Sensor Data to Being Aware of Users 27/11/15 University of Groningen (download)

Ilche Georgievski

Coordinating services embedded everywhere via hierarchical planning 9/10/15 University of Groningen (download)

Viktoriya Degeler

Dynamic Rule-Based Reasoning in Smart Environments 29/9/14 University of Groningen (download) (promotor: Marco Aiello, co-promotor and daily supervisor: Alexander Lazovik)

Ando Emerencia

Computing a Second Opinion: Automated Reasoning and Statistical Inference applied to Medical Data 27/6/14 University of Groningen (download) (promotors: Marco Aiello, Nicolai Petkov and Peter de Jonge, UMCG)

Giuliano Andrea Pagani

From the Grid to the Smart Grid, Topologically 15/3/14 University of Groningen (download)

Lian van der Krieke

Patients in the driver’s seat: A role for e-mental health? 5/3/14 Univ. of Groningen (first promotor: Peter de Jonge, UMCG, second promotor: Marco Aiello)

Ehsan Warriach Ullah

Design and Implementation of a Middleware Platform for a Smart Home 25/11/13 Univ. of Groningen (download)

Eirini Kaldeli

Domain-Independent Planning for Services in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments 10/05/13 Univ. of Groningen (download)

Pavel Bulanov

Management and Evolution of Business Process Variants 11/12/12 Univ. of Groningen (download)

Panchalee Sukjit

Regularising Amorphous Peer-to-Peer Networks with Overlay Grids Generated Locally 11/11/11 Univ. of Groningen (External candidate, promotors: Nicoali Petkov and Marco Aiello)

Ganna Frankova

Engineering Business Processes with Service Level Agreements: From Early Requirements towards Business Processes 16/03/10 Univ. of Trento (download)

Alexander Lazovik    

Planning and execution of Service-Oriented Business Processes 15/12/06 Univ. of Trento

PhD reading committee membership

Robson Wagner Albuquerque de Medeiros

Cost Management of Service Composition  08/12/2017 University of Twente (NL)

C. Feng

Shape Segmentation and Retrieval Based on the Skeleton Cut Space 22/9/2017 Groningen (NL)

Lei Han

User Interface Derivation based on Role-enriched Business Process Model  Spring 2017 Macquarie University (AUS)

Qingzhi Liu

Self-Organizing Energy-Autonomous Systems 2/12/2016 TU Delft (NL)

Renato da Silva

Visualizing Multidimensional Data Similarities - Improvements and Applications 18/10/2016 Groningen (NL)

Ahmad Dehwah

Energy Aware Routing Schemes in Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Networks 10/10/2016 KAUST (SA)

Hedde Bosman

Anomaly detection in (networked) embedded systems 12/09/2016 TU Eindhoven (NL)

Danilo Coimbra

Multidimensional Projections for the Visual Exploration of Multimedia Data 18/03/2016 University of Groningen (NL)

Dan Tofan

Understanding and Supporting Software Architectural Decisions 20/11/2015 University of Groningen (NL)

Yakup Koç

On Robustness of Power Grids: Measuring the Robustness of Power Grids: A complex Networks Theory Approach 16/11/2015 TU Delft (NL)

Drake Patrick Mirembe

The Threat Nets Approach to Information System Security Risk Analysis 01/10/2015 University of Groningen (NL)

Michele Mancioppi

Correction of Unrealizable Service Choreographies 08/09/15 University of Tilburg (NL)

Lei Wang

Robust Collaborative Services Interactions with Regard to System Crashes and Network Failures 23/04/2015 Univ. of Twente (NL)

Riccardo Bonetto

on Telecommunication for the Smart Grid march 2015 University of Padova (I)

Vinh Bui

A Software Architecture for Body Area Sensor Networks: Flexibility and Trustworthiness 04/03/2015 TU/Eindhoven (NL)

João Luís Cardoso de Moraes

Methodological Support to Develop Interoperable Applications for Pervasive Healthcare 05/11/2014 Univ. of Twente (NL)

Andrea Marrella

Knowledge-intensive Processes Spring 2013 La Sapienza University of Rome (I)

Maryam Razavian

Knowledge-driven Migration to Services 11/04/2013 Free Univ. of Amsterdam (NL)

Ricardo Seguel Perez

Business Protocol Adaptors for Flexible Business Chain Formation and Enactment 16/02/12 TU/eindhoven (NL)

Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos

A Goal-Based Framework for Semantic Service Provisioning 08/12/11 Univ. of Twente (NL)

Wico Mulder

Learning Agent Organizations  01/06/11Univ. of Amsterdam (NL)

Eduardo da Silva

User-centric Service Composition - Towards Personalised Service Composition and Delivery 11/05/11 Univ. of Twente (NL)

David Costa

Formal Models for Component Connectors 13/12/10 Free Univ. of Amsterdam (NL)

Gianluca Giorgolo

Space and Time in Our Hands 15/09/10 Univ. of Utrecht (NL)

Stanislav Pokraev

Model-Driven Semantic Integration of Service-Oriented Applications 22/10/09 University of Twente (NL)

Benjamin Kanagwa

Service-Oriented Computing: Discovery and Composition 26/02/09 University of Nijmegen (NL)


Service Licensing 26/02/08 University of Trento (I)

Guadalupe Ortiz Bellot   

Integrating Extra-functional Properties in Model-driven web service development 2007 Universidad de Extremadura (E)

Matteo Palmonari   

Commonsense Spatial Reasoning in Pervasive Computing: An Informational Approach 20/05/06 Univ. Milano Bicocca (I)


Alex Popescu

The applicability of open standard SDN implementations in automotive networks 30/6/2017 Univ. of Groningen

Guntur Dharma Putra

Social Density Estimation Based on Consumer Smartphone Sensors (download) 130/1/2017 Univ. of Groningen

Maarten Blegten

Impact of Renewable Generation on the Stability of the Electricity Grid (download) 11/01/2017 Univ. of Groningen

Julien van der Land

The effects of network topology on energy networks (download) 12/12/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Elmer Jansema

Expanding Domain Name System support in Tor (download) 12/12/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Mathieu Kalksma

Mining household appliances patterns by monitoring electric plug loads (download) 22/11/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Stefan Boomker

Scalable and Flexible Middleware for Dynamic Data Flows (download) 30/08/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Mark Kloosterhuis

Verification extension for Business Process Modeling (VxBPM) Tool  (download) 20/05/2016 Univ. of Groningen

Laura Fiorini

The integration of storage in HV grids: optimal use of renewable sources (download) 10/12/15 Univ. of Pisa

Wytse Visser

Extracting Social Graphs from the Web (download) 9/12/15 Univ. of Groningen

Mark Hoekstra

Identifying relationships between websites  (download) 23/09/15 Univ. of Groningen

Jan Paul Eikelenboom

A software system to manage the domestic energy demand at the neighbourhood level  (download) 31/08/15 Univ. of Groningen

Laurence de Jong

Decentralized Link Sharing, Towards a Framework for Decentralized Applications (download) 18/08/15 Univ. of Groningen

Ralph Kiers

A Standardised Multi-agent System for Energy Market Simulation  (download) 08/05/15 Univ. of Groningen

Xander Elsas

Mobile Application for Energy Management Assistance (download) 22/10/14 Univ. of Groningen

Piet den Dulk

VxBPMN Designer: A Graphical Tool for Customizable Process Models Using the PVDI Framework

25/09/14 Univ. of Groningen

Tuan Luu Dinh

Authorship identification for online text (download) 20/08/14 Univ. of Groningen

Pietr Stavast

Prediction of Energy Consumption Using Historical Data and Twitter (download03/04/14 Univ. of Groningen

Harrie Pieters

From Proprietary to open source, a case study of Citrix Xenserver (download) 25/03/14 Univ. of Groningen (TBK, Master in Economics and Engineering)

Rudy Schoenmaker

Developing a Smart Grid Simulation model from an end-users perspective (download30//01/14 Univ. of Groningen

Sunna Björg Sigurjónsdóttir

Monitoring and reducing the consumption of home electric appliances (download10//01/14 Univ. of Groningen

Rene Zuidhof

Emotional Arousal Detection (download26/11/13 Univ. of Groningen

Jeroen de Groot

Document Understanding for Automatic Proceedings Generation (download30/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Jos van der Til

Long-term fault tolerant storage of critical sensor data in the intercloud (download30/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Divya S. Avalur

Human Breath Detection using a Microphone (download) 30/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Assel Bekbatyrova

Studying of the efficacy of real-time energy display (download) 29/08/13 Univ. of Groningen

Kostas Tselios

Designing and evaluating an IT Strategy for congestion management in Smart distribution grids (download12/07/13 Univ. of Groningen (TBK-IT master)

Frank Blaauw

Gamification in a social system (download11/07/13 Univ. of Groningen

Samuel Esposito

Data Replication in Offline Web Applications: Optimizing Persistence, Synchronization and Conflict Resolution (download30/05/13 Univ. of Groningen

Allard Naber

Building a quality monitoring system for the production of drinking water (download03/01/13 Univ. of Groningen

Ntembeko Mkunyana

Evaluation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as an approach to integrate Educational Information Systems: A Case Study performed at Walter Sisulu University 30/08/12 Univ. of Groningen

Manuel Martiarena

Tablet interface for Smart Environments to Reduce Energy Consumption (download24/08/12 Univ. of Groningen

Marten Veldthuis

Quby: A domain-specific language for questionnaires (download20/08/12 Univ. of Groningen

Alex Bograd

Trust and Reputation in the Smart Energy Grid (download29/06/12 Univ. of Groningen

Marcel Koster

Reliable Multi-agent System for a large scale distributed energy trading network (download06/10/11 Univ. of Groningen

Bram Leemburg

A declarative meta modeling approach to define process migration constraints (download25/08/11 Univ. of Groningen

Elena Lazovik

Concurrent execution of automatically generated plans in Smart Homes (download) 25/08/11 Univ. of Groningen

Onno de Graaf

Analyzing Low Voltage Power Grids 19/05/11 Univ. of Groningen

Nicola Capodieci

P2P energy exchange agent platform featuring a game theory related learning negotiation algorithm (download) 10/05/11 Univ. of Modena

Martijn de Groote

JLocT: Java Location Tracker (download) 31/03/11 Univ. of Groningen

Doreen Tuheirwe

An Analysis of Transactions in Service-Centric Systems (download) 15/12/10 Univ. of Groningen

Jaap Bresser

A Service-Oriented middleware for device interoperation in the smart home  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Jasper Hafkenscheid

Focused Surfer Model: Ranking visual search results (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Dennis Kanon

Using Calibration Pinpoints for locating devices indoor  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Simon Takens

Indoor location tracking using Signal Strength Pinpoints  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Adam Loorbach

Measuring the efficiency offered to local e-Governments by Service Oriented Architectures (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Lazaro Luhusa

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for electric utilities in electrical distribution  (download) 30/08/10 Univ. of Groningen

Hielko van der Hoorn

A Survey of Mobile Platforms for Pervasive Computing (download) 12/03/10 Univ. of Groningen

Simon Dalmolen

Defining patterns in unstructured manifests in a volatile cross-domain environment  (download) 11/03/10 Univ. of Groningen

Heino Lenting

Replicating augmented reality objects for multi-user interaction (download) 21/12/09 Univ. of Groningen

Nico van Benthem

RugCo: composing Web services from large repositories (download) 17/12/09 Univ. of Groningen

Remko de Jonge

Bluetooth Broadcasting: Designing a scalable system to distribute context aware information to mobile groups via Bluetooth: A feasibility study (download) 26/08/09 Univ. of Groningen

Patrick Ratelband

The Web service challenge 2009 (download) 26/08/09 Univ. of Groningen

Bart Hoenderboom

Electronic Health Record (download) 16/04/09 Univ. of Groningen

Niek Oost

Byte code analysis for application integration  (download) 27/08/08 Univ. of Groningen

Bas de Raad

ECBF: E-Commerce Back-office Framework: Designing an e-Commerce back-office system using the ECBF (download) 27/08/08 Univ. of Groningen

Herman van Rink

Conversation based chat-routing Finding an expert  (download) 20/06/08 Univ. of Groningen

Gerard Biemolt and Heerko Groefsema

Replicating Subsets of Data for the Dutch E-Government  (download) 25/04/08 Univ. of Groningen

Klas-jan Stol

A Framework for Document-oriented, Workflow-enabled applications  (download) 14/02/08 Univ. of Groningen

Daniela Malfatti

A Meta-Model for QoS-Aware Service Compositions (download) 19/12/07 Univ. of Trento

Jop Gerritsen

Data mining on historical access data for an intelligent caching and replacement algorithm in a digital archive of seismic data (download) To be presented. Master in Artificial Intelligence at the Univ. of Groningen

Mark Speelman

XMAS: eXpertise Matching Agent Service (download) July 2007 Univ. of Groningen

Brammert Ottens

A Logical Perspective on Mathematical Morphology (download) 15/02/07 Univ. of Amsterdam

Laurens J. van der Starre

The electronic government and its clients systems (download) 19 /01/07 Univ. of Groningen

Michele Mancioppi

The Federation System: Service Brokering the Peer-to-Peer Way (download) 13/09/06 Univ. of Trento

Maciej Michno

A Rule-based approach to the Recognition of Newspaper Articles (download) 19/07/06 Univ. of Trento

Manuel Zanoni

Un architettura domotica basata su WS-Notification (download) 22/02/06 Univ. of Trento

Prospective PhD Students and Interns

Due to the increasing number of unsolicited requests, I am unable to answer them all. Please notice that I can only hire a PhD student or an Intern when I have budget. I post a link to an opening as soon as available on my twitter account. If you have your own funding for a PhD trajectory, please send me an email with title “Supervision for Externally Funded PhD” together with a detailed CV and a 3-5 pages research proposal.