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Visual Gallery

This page presents a gallery of some of the research detailed in the Papers section. Click on the images to access various publications related to that topic.

3D visualization of a glass pressing simulation

glass_modv glass_temp
Glass pressing simulation visualization and steering

Electro-chemical drilling simulation (visual steering)

Design of a 3D rendering and viewing engine

Visualization of 2D fluid flow Finite Element simulations

A visualization and Finite Element simulation library

radio_room1 rr3
Design of a radiosity renderer system

rr5  papers
The close objects buffer: high accuracy radiosity methods

VISSION: visual programming simulations and visualizations

Simplified representation of vector fields

SmartLink: A tool to speed up visual programming

Continuous vector field clustering and visualization

Visualization of generalized Voronoi diagrams

Interactive steering in computer vision

Enridged contour maps for visualizing scalar fields

SoftVision: A framework for visual reverse engineering

AFMM: robust skeletonization of 2D shapes

Continuous skeletonization of 3D objects

The NumLab visual numerical laboratory environment

Distance level sets for robust estimation of visual silhouettes

Computing centerlines of 3D volumetric shapes

3D IFBV: Image-based visualization of 3D fluid flows 

Visualizing RDFS information from the world-wide web

Image inpainting using level set methods

An open architecture for visual reverse engineering

Distance transforms and skeletons computed on GPU

Multiscale editing and picking on 3D surfaces

Surface classification using moment analysis

Fairing and smoothing of point-based surfaces

Hierarchical skeletons for optimal shape representation

Finite elements for point-based surface processing

Flow field clustering via algebraic multigrid

EZEL: Visualization of peer-to-peer network protocols

Visualizing component- based software systems

CVSscan: Visualizing evolution of software files

Version-centric visualization of source code evolution

Extreme simplification of point sets

Visual assessment of component code evolution

The Visual Code Navigator: 3 views of software code

Interactive C++ source code investigation

MetricView: visualizing metrics and architectures

MIBFV: Multiscale image-based flow visualization

Visual assessment of code evolution

CVSgrab: Visualization of evolution of software projects

TableVision: visualizing large database tables

Visualizing areas of interest in component diagrams

AreaView: Visualizing areas of interest in class diagrams

3D skeletonization using graphics hardware

Optical flow extraction using a variational approach

Canonical skeletons for 2D shape matching

Multiscale and multivariate code evolution visualization

Flow field postprocessing via partial differential equations

Preserving sharp edges with volume clipping

Tolerance-based feature transforms in 2D

Multiscale 3D skeletons using a global advection measure

Point-based visualization of metaballs on the GPU

Shape decomposition using 3D curve skeletons

Visualization of dynamic memory allocations

Skeleton-based shape decomposition

Visualization of multivariate athlete performance

Visualization of debugging in source code repositories

Visualization of C++ code evolution using syntax trees

Fact extraction and visualization of large C++ code bases

Analysis and visualization of code build dependencies

Evaluating visual realism when drawing areas of interest in diagrams

Visualization of metrics on areas of interest in UML diagrams

Patch-type shape

Visualizing method-level metrics on UML diagrams

Surface classification using skeletons

Visual software analytics

Visualization of architectural design decisions with ontologies

Node-link vs bundled edge layouts? Which is better?

Structure-and-metric evolution visualization