Andrea Pagani


My research activity focuses on a distributed approach to energy generation and distribution.

In my research I propose to study how a peer-to-peer architecture approach can be applied to the power grid. The main focus is to investigate if and how it is possible to exchange energy in a peer-to-peer oriented network grid between peers that are able to generate energy and other peers that consume energy.
Two main aspects are involved in this research:

  • Network topology analysis to study if the actual power grid is appropriate for a peer-to-peer scenario.
  • Smart meter interaction through service oriented architecture technologies both for energy metering and billing purpose.

This research activity can enable new scenarios in today and tomorrow’s energy market giving the possibility to everybody to produce energy for other peers and consume energy from others. In addition this approach can also be a good driver to the spread of renewable energies generation which is easier to implement at small and local scale.

My interest are in Complex Network Analysis, Graph Theory, Smart Grid Technology and Renewable Energy.