Andrea Pagani


Some more or less concrete ideas for projects in the energy-related world

Here are some ideas of project I am interested in realizing.

  • Biomimicry for energy: how can we get inspiration from the natural world to improve the way we use energy and take inspiration to have higher efficiency and our world more sustainable.

  • Energy-chip App: the best and first way to become sustainable is to reduce consumption in every day activities, being more careful about how much energy is used and avoiding unnecessary use. Energy-chip App aims at reducing energy consumption in places where energy resource is shared between several users (e.g., a company) with their self-interest. The solution proposed consists of hardware and software which are used together to monitor users energy consumption, raise his awareness, stimulate them to save energy with economic incentive, reward mechanisms, and social pressure. In addition, gaming techniques will be used in the software application to make the energy saving experience more attractive and interesting. Given the results from the literature and projects in raising people awareness over energy consumption and keep motivation in energy savings, we envision as an outcome of the project the possibility for the University of Groningen to save at least 20% of the electrical energy bill a year. Considering the financial point of view the project is attractive (positive net present value) with a pay-back time of almost three and half years.