Dr. Uwe Zdun

Compliance in service-oriented architectures: A model-driven and view-based approach


Compliance in service-oriented architectures (SOA) means in general complying to rules and regulations that apply to a distributed software system. Unfortunately, many rules and regulations are hard to formalize, and before designing the software often an interpretation of the rules and regulations by domain experts or judicial experts is needed. Today many compliance concerns are realized on a per-case basis, leading to ad hoc, hand-crafted solutions for each specific rule and regulation a system must comply to. This, in turn, leads in the long run to problems regarding complexity, understandability, maintainability, changeability, and reusability of compliance concerns in a SOA. In this talk, a model-driven and view-based approach for solving these problems will be presented. Various different compliance concerns can be modeled in separate views. This is done using domain-specific languages (DSL) that enable the domain expert as well as the technical expert to model in each case only the relevant excerpt of the SOA. The compliance concerns are generated from the models and become hence traceable, changeable, understandable, and resuable - independently from the rest of the SOA. They can be validated and enforced either at design time or runtime.

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