Colloquium Computing Science



Date:                            Monday, March 10 2008        

Speaker:                      G. de Haan (Eindhoven University/Philips Research)

Room and time:           5161.0267 (Bernoulliborg), 16.00




Title:    “Moving images on modern displays:
 How to choose your next flat screen TV?”




In the last decade, we have seen an explosion of new display principles, like Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), plasma Display Panels (PDP), Micro Mirror Displays (MMD) and Polymer Led Displays (PLD), after roughly a century in which only relatively minor improvements of the good old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) resulted.

These new display principles offer advantages over the CRT, they are often flat, have a perfect geometry, a high light output and a very high resolution, but there are also flaws, particularly for moving image content.

To appreciate the performance of displays for moving images, we need to analyze the interaction of the display and the human viewer. Crucial is the tracking ability of the viewer, which has often unexpected consequences for the perceived image quality of moving material.

The analysis is highly relevant for industry as hundreds of millions of displays are in use and millions are sold on a monthly basis. This contribution to the Colloquium Informatica shall shed light on the underlying phenomena and show options to deal with the imperfections of
modern display principles.

If you were hesitating about the size and design of your next TV, the information may further complicate your choice…





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