Facilitation Audio-based Collaborative Storytelling for Informal Knowledge Management signals
Prof. Dr. Stephan Lukosch
Delft University of Technology


The increased demand for audio books and the rise of podcasting indicate a comeback of listening. On this basis, audio-based collaborative storytelling functionalises the act of telling stories in groups. In this talk, we identify the requirements for informal knowledge management by means of audio-based collaborative storytelling and present CASTing which addresses these requirements and supports a process for audio-based collaborative storytelling. CASTing consists of a storytelling client application which supports nomadic work as well as a web portal which aims at building a storytelling community. We present the pattern-based design of the storytelling client application and the web portal along our process for of collecting, structuring, linking and using audio clips. We finish with a report on first experiences, outlining future application areas, and an outlook on future work.

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