Colloquium Computing Science



Date:                            Monday, June 30 2008

Speaker:                      Loris Penserini 

Room and time:           5161.0267 (Bernoulliborg), 16.00




Title:    Dealing with Adaptivity Qualities within different Agent-Oriented Development Frameworks





Several agent oriented and software engineering methodologies have been proposed in order to support the requirements engineer to cope with the system complexity, abstracting from structural details to better focus on how stakeholders’ needs affect system functionalities. In this context, the challenging aspect is that stakeholders’ needs and preferences, as well as domain constraints, often evolve away from the initial business requirements model of the system, reflecting the extremely heterogeneous and dynamic nature of networked users. Under such conditions, a deployed software solution needs to be able to adapt to requirements changes at run-time in order to meet evolving user needs and environmental constraints.


This talk aims at illustrating some research achievements towards the building of agent-based software development frameworks to generate software solutions able to cope with requirements changes, supporting organisational networking as well as improving adaptability to context changes.









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