Culinary Informatics
Prof. Dr. Peter Riegler
Fachhochschule Braunschweig/Wolfenbuettel, Germany


Cooking and informatics show many parallels. For instance, recipes regularily serve as a standard example for algorithms. However, recipes can also be investigated from an information theoretic point of view, focusing on questions like:
a) Are there differences between cuisines of different countries? (There certainly are. But can they be measured?)
b) Are there differences between a given cuisine at different times?
c) Are there statistical similarities between different collections of recipes?

To arrive at the answers of such questions requires labor-intensive processing of collections of recipes. Informatics (via its offspring information technology) can be helpful here as well to automate the required information processing.

The talk gives first results on a comparision of Brazilian, Englisch, French and German cuisine and describes how they are obtained with a high degree of automation.

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