Founding a University
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Charles Theuma
St. Martin's Insitute of IT, Malta


Charles Theuma is the founder and Principal of St Martin's Institute of IT, an Affiliate Institute of the University of London International. St Martin's was set up in October 1985, and is this year celebrating its silver jubilee. Especially in this past decade, St Martin's has pushed the frontiers of tertiary education in Malta. In a Country dominated by one State University, a University fully financed through the exchequer, and offering free undergraduate degrees for all, including a monthly stipend, it was not an easy task to penetrate the 'market' for tertiary students. Yet St Martin's has thrived, producing graduates of the highest calibre with 48% of all its graduates conferred with a First Class Honours degree. It is now gearing up towards its next phase, transforming from a teaching institution into research and development. Charles Theuma is looking forward to present opportunities for joint research with Universities and Institutes outside of Malta and the UK. His presentation will deal with the developments of the Institute and the research and funding programmes.

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