3-D Computer Vision and Immersive Communications
Emanuele Trucco, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh


This talk presents our recent work in 3-D computer vision (CV) and its applications in advanced, immersive video-based communications. The applicative focus is on immersive videoconferencing, including an account of the VIRTUE project (EU Fr V 2000-2003), the first European project to develop an immersive 3-way immersive videoconferencing prototype based on 3-D vision technology, and recent developments. An overview of pivotal CV techniques will be presented, including stereo matching and reconstruction, disparity maps post-processing, data and model-based stereo novel view synthesis, and eye tracking.
The technical focus will be on recent investigations, including efficient disparity post-processing using shape models, and direct stereo calibration based on neural networks. The latter has been incorporated in a simple, inexpensive reverse-engineering prototype using webcams and a hand-held, free-motion laser pointer.
The work presented in this talk includes contributions and results from (alphabetically) Tom Anderson, Spela Ivekovic, Marco Razeto, and Craig Robertson.

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