I am an assistant professor in computational linguistics/ natural language processing at the Computational Linguistics Group of the University of Groningen, and a VENI laureate since September 2016. My research focuses on the statistical modeling of natural languages, with the main goal of improving the quality of machine translation for challenging language pairs.

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    in the area of Responsible Processing of Natural Language Data.
    Find more details here. Application deadline: 1 April 2020.
  • [Dec 2019]   Check-out BERTje! A BERT-like model specifically optimized for the Dutch language and outperforming Multilingual BERT on several tasks. "BERTje: A Dutch BERT Model" with W. de Vries, A. van Cranenburgh, A. Bisazza, T. Caselli, G. van Noord, and M. Nissim.
  • [Oct 2019]   Research track co-chair for EAMT 2020.
  • [Oct 2019]   Area co-chair for ACL 2020 (Resources & Evaluation).
  • [Sep 2019]   Paper accepted at DeepLO (EMNLP Workshop on Deep Learning for Low-resource NLP): "Zero-shot Dependency Parsing with Pre-trained Multilingual Sentence Representations" with Ke Tran.
  • [Sep 2019] I have moved to the University of Groningen and joined its great CL group!
  • [Aug 2019]   Keynote speaker at MtSummit 2019 in Dublin.
  • [Aug 2019]   I am attending a super interesting Lorentz Workshop on Compositionality in Brains and Machines in Leiden.
  • [Aug 2019]   Invited speaker at the ACL-BlackboxNLP 2019 workshop in Florence.
  • [Apr 2019]   Poster accepted at CogSci 2019: "Compositionality in Emerging Multi-agent Languages: Marrying Language Evolution and Natural Language Processing" with K. Sommer, J. Perris, T. Verhoef.