Conference poster

G. Azzopardi, “GOOSE: Search on internet of connected sensors”, International workshop on brain-inspired computing, Cetraro, Italy, July 2013.


TNO is a non-profit research organization founded 80 years ago. The areas of expertise within TNO include technical sciences, behavioural and societal sciences, as well as earth, environmental and life sciences with applications in seven themes: a) healthy living, b) industrial innovation, c) defence, safety and security, d) energy, e) transport and mobility, f) built environment, and g) information society. Pattern recognition and machine learning are active fields of research within TNO. One major project is called GOOSE which has the ambition to provide the capability to search semantically for any relevant information within “all” (including imaging) sensor streams, in near real time, in the entire internet of sensors. The concept is similar to the capability provided by currently available search engines which enable the retrieval of information on “all” pages on the internet.

Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Groningen, the Netherlands