PhD candidates


I am co-promotor/supervisor of the below four PhD candidates.


  1. photo_idNicola Strisciuglio. On 10 June 2016, he received PhD cum laude from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). His thesis is titled “Bio-inspired algorithms for pattern recognition in audio and image processing”. The other promotors are Prof. Nicolai Petkov (University of Groningen) and Prof. Mario Vento (University of Salerno).

In Progress

  1. AndreasNeocleousAndreas Neocleous. He will defend his thesis on December 13, 2016. The thesis is titled: “Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Biomedical and Musicological Applications”. The other promotors are Prof. Nicolai Petrov (University of Groningen) and Prof. Christos Schizas (University of Cyprus).
  2. Ahmad Alsahaf. His PhD studies are supported from the SMARTBREED project. He is investigating advanced machine learning techniques to propose better ways of enhancing the well-being and performance of farm animals.  His other promotor is Prof. Nicolai Petkov (University of Groningen).
  3. photo_idAntonio GrecoHis research topic is the analysis of faces from images and videos in real-time. His other promotor is Prof. Mario Vento (University of Salerno).