Download and usage of the programs smoothing and artistic

The programs smoothing and artistic can be downloaded here.
This page contains a brief guide to their usage


No installation is required. Simply download and unzip the file on your Matlab work directory.

Sintax of the program smoothing

In order to launch the program smoothing the following line must be digited on the Matlab command window:

smoothing(InputFileName, OutputFileName, Sigma, SectorsNumber, EdgeSharpness);


InputFileName: name of the file where the input image is stored
OutputFileName: name of the file on which the output must be saved
Sigma: size of the brush stroke
SectorsNumber: number of sectors on which the Gaussian mask is divided
EdgeSharpness: sharpness of the edges (0 for a Gaussian blurring, Infinity for the value and criterion filter structure)

As an example, the following command line applies the proposed operator to the input image Image1.jpg (included in the file, with the values Sigma = 2, SectorsNumber = 8 and EdgeSharpness = 4, and saves the output to the file Paint1.bmp:

smoothing('Image1.jpg', 'Paint1.bmp', 5, 8, 4);

Below, the input and the output images are shown.

Input image

Output of the proposed operator

Use of the graphical interface

The following graphical interface can be used by digiting artistic on the Matlab command window: