Artistic Edge and Corner Enhancing Smoothing

In the applet below you can apply the artistic edge and corner enhancing smoothing operator proposed in [1] on the loaded image by pressing 'Process'.
With 'Load Image' you can load your own images to apply the operator to. With 'Swap' you can swap between input and the output image.

Parameter description:
Name Description
Brush Size This is the value of sigma in [1]
Accuracy This is the number of segments in [1]. The more segments there are, the better sharp angles are preserved
Sharpness This is the value of q in [1] that controls edge sharpness
[1] G. Papari, N. Petkov and P. Campisi: Artistic edge and corner enhancing smoothing, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 16 (10), 2007, 2449-2662.
[bibTex], [pdf 3 MB © IEEE], [DOI 10.1109/TIP.2007.903912], [supplementary illustrations]

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