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Traffic sign image database

The traffic sign image database - traffic_sign.tar.gz, 8.3 Mbytes - contains 48 images of size 360x270 pixels in PNG format, each representing a traffic scene. The images are grouped in 3 classes, each class corresponding to a different template traffic sign (pedestrian crossing, compulsory for bikes, intersection). You can access a class with a click on the corresponding template traffic sign appearing below. Each of the 16 images from a class is further accessible with a click on the corresponding thumbnail image.
The images of the template traffic signs and the traffic scenes were taken with a LCD digital foto-camera; the only restriction imposed was that the projection of a traffic sign on the LCD be approximately the same size (+/- 10% variation). Your are kindly invited to use this database referring to the following article:
C. Grigorescu and N. Petkov - "Distance sets for shape filters and shape recognition", IEEE Trans. on Image Processing.

Pedestrian 01
Pedestrian 02
Pedestrian 03
Pedestrian 04
Pedestrian 05
Pedestrian 06
Pedestrian 07
Pedestrian 08
Pedestrian 09
Pedestrian 10
Pedestrian 11
Pedestrian 12
Pedestrian 13
Pedestrian 14
Pedestrian 15
Pedestrian 16