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I hold a Digiteo Chair of Excellence position for the topic »Advanced Visual Exploration with Interactive Illustrative Rendering«, in collaboration with VENISELIMSICNRS and AVIZINRIA at Saclay (south of Paris, France). I will soon start a position as Research Director with the AVIZINRIA lab.

I am member of the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics research group within the Johann Bernoulli Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Since September 2010,

My research focuses on interactive scientific visualization and illustrative rendering, using methods from computer graphics, non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), and human-computer interaction. I am specifically interested in (2D and, in particular, 3D) interaction techniques for work with illustrative visualizations on large, touch-sensitive displays as well as illustrative visualization that is inspired by traditional illustration.

News and Upcoming Events

October 2012 I am co-organizing the BELIV workshop at this year's VisWeek, please send many submissions.
October 2012 This year's VisWeek submissions were quite successful: we will present the papers “Efficient Structure-Aware Selection Techniques for 3D Point Cloud Visualizations with 2DOF Input,” “Sketchy Rendering for Information Visualization,” and “Evaluating Sketchiness as a Visual Variable for the Depiction of Qualitative Uncertainty” in Seattle.
July 2012 Our paper on “The State of the ‘Art’: A Taxonomy of Artistic Stylization Techniques for Images and Video” was accepted to the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
June 2012 We presented the paper “A Design Study of Direct-Touch Interaction for Exploratory 3D Scientific Visualization” at EuroVis 2012. At the same conference we also presented the short paper “Continuous Navigation of Nested Abstraction Levels
May 2012 I talked about gestures vs. postures: ‘gestural’ touch interaction in 3D environments at the CHI 2012 Workshop on “The 3rd Dimension of CHI: Touching and Designing 3D User Interfaces” (3DCHI 2012).
April 2012 I participated in the Dagstuhl Seminar on Touching the Third Dimension.
March 2012 Our paper on semantics by analogy for illustrative volume visualization was published in the journal Computers & Graphics.
March 2012 My paper on visual abstraction and stylization of maps was accepted to The Cartographic Journal.
December 2011 Maarten H. Everts who I co-supervised has defended his PhD thesis on December 9. Congratulations! Maarten is my first PhD student.
November 2011 Together with Paul Asente, John Collomosse, and T. Metin Sezgin, I am the guest editor of a special section on CAe, NPAR, and SBIM of the journal Computers & Graphics.

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