14 PhD positions available in Computer Science and Astronomy - apply now! (until Dec 15th 2016)

SUNDIAL (Survey Network for Deep Imaging Analysis & Learning) is an ambitious interdisciplinary network of nine research groups in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Italy. The aim of the network is to develop novel algorithms to study the very large databases coming from current-day telescopes to better understand galaxy formation and evolution, and to prepare for the huge missions of the next decade.

We will train 14 ESRs (PhD students) using a combination of training in computer science and astrophysics, and a comprehensive package of complimentary skills training. 6 of these ESRs will be based in a Computer Science node, studying topics such as the detection of ultrafaint galaxy signals, developing automated models for galaxy recognition and classification, and putting forward new methods to compare observations and galaxy simulations as well as visualization.

Positions are available across all our nodes, and successful candidates will spend at least six months at secondary nodes. Network activities include internships at our commercial partners, training schools and conferences.

Candidates with a background and strong interest in one or several of the following areas

  • machine learning
  • visualization
  • image processing
  • simulation of complex systems
  • astronomy
  • astrophysics

or related fields are encouraged to apply before December 15, 2016. Information about the participating nodes, the individual projects and potential supervisors are available at the network’s webpage:


Applications should be submitted through this webpage as well. In addition, candidates are encouraged to contact individual supervisors.