Objective and Project information

The objective of the MERGE project is to study and develop an energy management system to promote the integration of different energy systems, mainly electricity and gas natural, on a low level, that is, the distribution network. It is fundamental to understand to what extent the end-users can be more actively involved in managing their demand and consumptions. The infrastructure and the operation of energy grids have to be taken into account during the realization of a model that shows the mutual effects of the grids’ physical laws and end-users behavior. Increasing the awareness and active participation of the consumers is a key element in this process of integration, as they are assigned a more central role, by having the opportunity to switch from one source to another and to change behavior on the basis of grid information.

In het huidige onderzoek wordt gekeken hoe we een duurzaam geïntegreerd energie management systeem kunnen ontwerpen, dat rekening houdt met voorkeuren en motieven van de gebruiker bij het afstemmen van vraag en aanbod van verschillende energiebronnen. Dit draagt ertoe bij dat het systeem dat niet alleen meer acceptabel is voor de gebruiker maar de gebruiker ook motiveert om consistent duurzaam gedrag te vertonen.

Start: 1 July 2016
Duration: 4 years
Funded by: The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Project number: 647.002.006
Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. E.M. (Linda) Steg