Young Investigator Training Program Award (July 2016)
I received a travel grant of 3000 euros for young investigators to support a research visit at the Politechnic University of Turin (Italy) and build an international research network.

Ubbo Emmius sandwich PhD grant (January 2013)
I received an Ubbo Emmius sandwich PhD grant from University of Groningen to support a two years research period in the framework of a double PhD degree to be awarded in collaboration with University of Salerno.

Research grant on the Embedded Systems in critical domain project (January 2013)
I received a grant to support a two years research period at University of Salerno and obtain a double PhD degree in collaboration with the University of Groningen. The project was financed by Regione Campania (cod. 4-17-12, P.O.R. Campania FSE 2007-2013).


Best paper award price Together with George Azzopardi, Mario Vento and Nicolai Petkov, I received the Best Paper Award at the conference VIPIMAGE 2015. The paper is titled ‘Unsupervised delineation of the vessel tree in retinal fundus images’ (see publication list).