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There is a delay of approximately 1 week between adding or correcting information in the bibliography and the presentation of the changed information in the main archives. The present status of the archives can be verified in the files available by ftp service: Before you send any corrections, you are urged to verify these files.

You can correct the entries by sending the modified BibTeX entry by email to rudy@cs.rug.nl.

Adding entries

WIC members can add entries to the archive Bibliography of the Werkgemeenschap Informatie- en Communicatietheorie by sending one or more BibTeX entries by email to rudy@cs.rug.nl. The lay-out of the entry and the BibTeX label will be changed automatically. For the BibTeX format see the next section.


There is a large number of on-line publications describing the BibTeX format:
  • The BibTeX page of Dana Jacobsen
  • Hypathia's guide to BibTeX

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