An information theoretical delay estimator

R. Moddemeijer

University of Twente, Department of Electrical Engineering,
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University of Groningen, Department of Computing Science,
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Mutual information is used in a model free and non-parametric general purpose method to define time-delays between stochastic signals. For each of the two stationary stochastic signals we define a past and a future by cutting both infinite sample sequences into two parts: the past and the future. The time-delay is considered to be the time-shift between the cutting moments for which the mutual information between both infinite length past vectors and both infinite lenght future vectors reaches a minimum. For stationary stochastic signals and under certain convergence conditions this mutual information posesses one unique minimum. We present some theoretical elaborations and discuss this method in relation to other methods.

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Ninth Symposium on Information Theory in the Benelux, May 26-27, 1988, Mierlo, The Netherlands, pp. 121-128, Ed. K.A. Schouwhamer Immink, Werkgemeenschap Informatie- en Communicatietheorie, Enschede, ISBN 90-71048-04-7, BibTeX
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