Distributed Systems

Internal Instructions

To edit this pages, ask the authorization code to Pavel.

Editing instructions can be found here.


  1. Structural changes should be coordinated with Pavel and he executes them.
  2. Every time there is a news worth the home page, then the "holder" of the news adds it. S/He also adds the text as a new page whose URL starts with the date, e.g., 20090701NobelPrize. On the home page there should be only 5 news, so when one news is added the last one is removed from the home page.
  3. Every time you have a new publication, send the bibtex to Pavel for inclusion in the publication page
  4. You should have a home page with basic information about your research and how to contact you. This should be linked in the People page.
  5. Update your office number at the end of the How to reach us page

Division of Work

+ Marco Research

+ Eirini News

+ Andrea Reading Group

+ Heerko Projects

+ open People

+ Pavel Publications

+ Ando Teaching

+ Alexander "Tools&Stuff"