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The Information Systems group is the newest one at the Computer Science Department of the Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Left to right: Ali Reza, Fadi, Steven, Arya, George, Tariq, Dimka, Anusha, S.wen, Fatih, Mohammed

Our research revolves around the three major flavors of information systems:

  • Information systems with focus on process automation and workflow management, which are the backbone of modern enterprise systems in combination with service-oriented infrastructures. In particular, our focus is on both theoretical aspects of business processes in a cross-organisational setting, as well as technological aspects of the corresponding middleware and their software architecture and realizations. Exciting application fields are logistics and supply chain management, and eScience and scientific workflows. Current topic of research are:
    • Adaptive service orchestrations and choreographies
    • Process performance monitoring and improvement, monitoring of KPIs of both orchestrations and choreographies
    • Data-driven process adaptation, IoT and Data Analytics
    • Blockchain enabled adaptive service choreographies for business and scientific applications
  • Data-driven information systems with focus on image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. In particular the research interests are in the fields of:
    • Person identification by means of vision-based biometric features
    • Face analysis
    • Medical image analysis
    • Brain-inspired computer vision
    • Autonomous health monitoring systems with IoT
    • Automatic visual quality inspection
  • Information systems often deal with (collect, store and process) sensitive data. Our group also performs research on data-centric security and privacy (S&P) at the intersection of authentication and authorization infrastructures, privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) and trust management. The particular research areas include:
    • Formal Methods for (S&P) Analysis
    • Key Management and computation over encrypted data
    • PETs applied to (collaborative) machine learning
    • S&P for Medical Informatics (e.g. genomic privacy)
    • Cloud, IoT and Edge Security
    • Applications of Blockchain (with a focus on S&P) to various domains

We are contributing to both fundamental and applied research and are excited about interdisciplinary topics involving industry and academic organizations.