Best poster

Transfer Function Optimization Based on a Combined Model of Visibility and Saliency
S. Luo, J. Dingliana

Honorable Mention

Visualizing Article Similarities in Wikipedia
P. Riehmann, M. Potthast, H. Gruendl, J. Kiesel, D. Jürges, G. Castiglia, B. Ter-Akopyan, B. Froehlich

Honorable Mention

Tracking Space-Filling Features by Two-Step Optimization
A. Schnorr, S. Freitag, T. Kuhlen, B. Hentschel

Short papers

Best short paper

Error Estimates for Lagrangian Flow Field Representations
Mathias Hummel, Roxana Bujack, Kenneth I. Joy, Christoph Garth

Honorable Mention

Clarifying Hypotheses by Sketching Data
Mariana Marasoiu, Alan Blackwell, Advait Sarkar, Martin Spott

Honorable Mention

Visualizing Time-Dependent Data Using Dynamic t-SNE
Paulo E. Rauber, Alexandre X. Falcão, Alexandru C. Telea

Full papers

Best paper

There is More to Streamgraphs than Movies: Better Aesthetics via Ordering and Lassoing
Marco Di Bartolomeo and Yifan Hu

Honorable Mention

Glyphs for Asymmetric Second-Order 2D Tensors
Nicholas Seltzer and Gordon Kindlmann

Honorable Mention

Pathfinder: Visual Analysis of Paths in Graphs
C. Partl, S. Gratzl, M. Streit, A. M. Wassermann, H. Pfister, D. Schmalstieg, and A. Lex