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Publicly available Online Pattern Repository

Project owner: Uwe van Heesch
Start: September 2009
Planned Test Release: March 2010


Visual Impressions

Open Pattern Repository Demo

Description of the project

The goal of the Open Pattern Repository Project is to create a publicly available and freely usable online repository for patterns with a focus on architectural- and design software patterns. A strong emphasis is put on capturing architectural- and design patterns, their known variants, their consequences and especially their various interrelationships. Additionally the pattern repository captures technologies, frameworks and programming languages known to implement (variants of) the captured patterns. The pattern repository will be implemented as a web application providing functionality to add, change and remove patterns, to browse patterns according to categories, to find patterns that match certain criteria and finally to create a documentation of a set of chosen patterns. Additionally a part of the specified functionality will be provided as REST-webservices.

Check out the project site at googlecode for more information: