Software Engineering and Architecture

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Software and Demos

This page provides the software tools, tool demos, and other related downloads which are developed and maintained by our group members.

Architectural Knowledge

Architecture Reasoning Process

  • Open Decision Repository (A project that implement a proof-of-concept Computer-aided Software Engineering tool that allows companies or single individuals like software architects to efficiently document software design decisions.)
  • Open Pattern Repository (A publicly available and freely usable online repository for software engineering patterns and software technologies like frameworks and libraries. Feel free to use, feel free to contribute, feel free to comment.)

Quality Metrics and Analytics

  • Percerons (A web portal which provides three main services, i.e. a Quality Dashboard of OSS, a Reuse Repository from OSS components, and a Design Decision Support System which aids in the application of GoF design patterns)
  • R2EM Calculator (A tool that automatically calculates the R2EM metric as defined in our 2018/TSE paper)
  • MCPM Calculator (A tool that automatically calculates the MCPM metric as defined in our 2017/WETSODA paper)
  • Percentage of Commits in which a Class has Changed (PCCC) (A tool that automatically calculates the PCCC metric as defined in our 2017/EASE paper)
  • Instability Calculator (A tool that automatically calculates the class instability as defined in our 2015/TSE paper and validated in our 2015/ESEM paper)
  • Method-Level Cohesion Metrics (A tool that automatically calculates the method level cohesion metrics for Java classes as defined in our 2015/PROMISE paper)
  • Dataset for TSE'16 paper (The dataset of the TSE paper on the identification of extract method opportunities)
  • Patterns_TR_2015-10-15 (A technical report on the effect of design patterns on software quality)
  • Patterns_for_Game_Mechanics_TR (Design Patterns For Implementing Game Mechanics)
  • QA_QM_TR_2016_04 (A technical report on Design-Time Quality Attributes and Metrics for Software Development)
  • Energy Consumption Study (A collection of the resources used in the study for investigating the effect of GoF design patterns on energy consumption)
  • Pattern Grime Study (A collection of complete tables created based on the statistical analysis)
  • MS Traceability (The replication package for a mapping study is software traceability)

Technical Debt

Architecture-Based Self-Adaptive Systems with Multiple Concerns

  • A Protocol for a Classification Framework of Uncertainty in Architecture-based Self-Adaptive Systems with Multiple Quality Requirements (PDF)
  • A Protocol for a Systematic Literature Review on Methods that handle Multiple Quality attributes in Architecture-Based Self-Adaptive Systems (PDF)



  • SEARCH Group Poster (PDF)
  • Decision Architect - A Decision Documentation Tool for Industry (PDF)
    Internal presentation at the University of Groningen, 2015
  • PROMES leaflet - Refactoring and Traceability (PDF)
    ITEA Co-summit, 2015
  • PROMES leaflet - Process Framework Application (PDF)
    ITEA Co-summit, 2015
  • Supporting Product Development with Software from the Bazaar (PDF)
    Internal presentation at the University of Groningen, 2012
  • Understanding, modeling, supporting, and reviewing architecture decisions (PDF)
    Internal presentation at the University of Groningen, 2012
  • Capturing Tacit Architectural Knowledge Using the Repertory Grid Technique (PDF)
    ICSE 2011, NIER Track
  • The MRI Execution for Everybody (PDF)
    DARWIN Demo Day, Philips Healthcare, 2008
  • Using Architectural Decisions (PDF)
    QoSA 2006
  • Evaluation of Tool Support for Architectural Evolution (PDF)
    ASE 2004