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Assignment schedule

IMPORTANT: Every assignment has a deadline (set for each Nestor assignment). Note that you have a little less than a week for each assignment. (the lab sessions are on Thursday, you have to hand in your assignment before Wednesday 23:59).

1Raytracer: Raycasting, Phong illumination, normal buffer, z-buffer & additional geometry (1)15
2OpenGL: Transformations, viewing interaction & Phong shading with GLSL (2)15
3Raytracer: Optical laws, anti-aliasing & Extended Camera Model (3)15
4OpenGL: Depth of field & 3D meshes (4)15
5Raytracer: Texture mapping, alternative illumination models, more geometries & 3D mesh files(5)15
6OpenGL: Alternative illumination models in GLSL, texture mapping & animation (6)15
7Bonus: Implement an extension to the raytracer (7)Bonus!