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By bus from the central bus and train station

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To get to our Bernoulliborg building on the Zernikecomplex campus you take bus 11 or 15 from the Grote Markt or from the central bus station close to Groningen's main railway station. Just make sure that it has »Zernike« on the front! You can buy a € 1 ticket from the driver (after 9 am in the morning). Should you travel by bus more often, you may also buy a »strippenkaart« (bus coupon for several trips) ahead of time at the ticket desk of the central railway station (in the hall), at the Tourist Office shop (Grote Markt), at any cigarette shop, or at one of the bigger supermarkets (e.g., Albert Heijn, Jumbo). In peak hours, the bus leaves every 15 minutes and otherwise about every 20 minutes.

The bus heads in a general northerly direction towards Zernike which takes about 10–15 minutes. After the Shell station on your right, you pass under the ring road. The first stop in Zernike is at the white porters' lodge on your right. (The bus seldom stops there.) You arrive at the second bus stop in the Zernikecomplex after you pass a long pond on your left with a rounded, red-bricked building in it at the beginning and when you see a big blue building coming up on your right. Most people get off here. Both bus stops are marked with a green marker that is labeled with a »B« on the map above.

Central bus station, close to the main train station:

Shell station:

Ring road coming up:

First bus stop, do NOT leave here:

Pond and round building (the red one on the left), the Bernoulliborg will come up on the right in the distance:


Directly in front of you when you get off you see the five story building with a blue glass facade. This is the »Bernoulliborg« (see the image on the right). In the middle and north sections of this building, on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors you will find the Research Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science (IWI), as well as the School of Computing & Cognition. The entrance to the building is marked with a blue marker with a yellow star on the map above.

To return to downtown Groningen, take bus number 11 back to the Central Railway Station which goes via Grote Markt, the center of town.

Grote Markt, center of Groningen: