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Chapter 10: Volume Visualization


Exercises Chapter 10

Prerequisites: These exercises do require a good understanding of the functional aspects of the volume rendering pipeline (the role of ray, classification, and transfer functions in volume rendering, and the differences between image-order and object-order techniques). The exercises do not require calculus skills or implementation-level knowledge of volume rendering algorithms. Separately, a good understanding of scalar visualization techniques (e.g. color mapping, slicing, and contouring) discussed in Chapter 5, and scalar interpolation on uniform 3D voxel grids (Chapter 3) is required.

Aims: The provided exercises are intended to test that the student understands the aims, scope, way of working, and limit cases of the volume rendering techniques presented in Chapter 10. Secondly, the exercises test whether the students understands the differences and goals of the different ray functions, the pro's and con's of image-order vs object-order techniques, and computational complexity aspects related to volume rendering.

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